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Dear Diary...


This week we are looking at diaries and you will be working towards writing your own diary entry, as if you were working and living on board HMS Victory in 1805. 


You will find out what life was like on board the war ship and  role playing to help you get into the spirit of life on the ocean wave. 


Monday 1st March 2021

Today we would like you to investigate what life was like on board HMS Victory. 

Read through or listen to the PowerPoint below and learn some very interesting facts. 

You could write down some key facts you particularly enjoyed to go back to tomorrow.  

Once you have found out more about life onboard the ship, you may like to do some role playing.  Role Play is when you pretend you are someone and do actions.  See below for some role play suggestions, although you may come up with some of your own. Have fun!


What was life like on board HMS Victory in 1805?

You could write down some interesting facts on here as you read through the PowerPoint.

Role Play cards for life on board HMS Victory. Can you make up any more?

Tuesday 2nd March 2021

Today we are going to read a diary entry from life on board HMS Victory and write down some things we like about it.  You will find the diary example below - it is called Battle of Trafalgar diary. 

We can add this to a Jamboard. One has been done for you to show you the sort of thing we expect you to write. 

Follow the link to your class Jamboard and add one post it note.  You can add your name to it if you would like. 

On the second Jamboard page you can write down any words that you would like to magpie (use in your own diary)  If someone has put the word you like, you do not need to add it again. 


Hedgehog Jamboard


Fox Jamboard


Frog Jamboard


Battle of Trafalgar diary

Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Today you will be having a live lesson and your teacher will be asking for your help.  She will want to know what life was like on board HMS Victory. 

She might ask you what a sailor would see, smell, taste, hear and feel. She will also be recording this in a mind map for you to then use to help you plan your diary. 

Using one of the box it up sheets plan what information you will put in your diary. You do not need to write in full sentences on you plan but we do expect you to check your spelling of words.  There is a diary word bank attached here for you to use.  This has some important words on it.  Add as much detail as you can to your plan as this will make tomorrow's diary writing easier. 

Don't forget that you have three class Jamboards to look into and borrow some good diary writing ideas or magpie words!  That's what all good writers do.  


Friday 5th March 2021

This extended writing is on Friday this week. 

It is time to write your diary.  You have found out a lot of information and planned your diary.  Don't forget to have your plan in front of you so that you can follow its structure. Your teacher will model how to write the diary in your live lesson.  She will write her own diary, with your help.  So make sure that you bring your plans along with you. 

It is really important that you use your best words and remember to use full stops, exclamation marks, question marks, commas and apostrophes. 

Don't forget capital letters too! These seem to be forgotten a lot lately! 

You could also write on some special paper.  We sometimes tea stain white paper and tear little bits off the corner to make it look old.  You can also write in your Blended Learning book. 

Battle of Trafalgar diary example

Two great starts to an HMS Victory diary

School Illustration