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Knowledge and Understanding of the World



This week we are learning to describe the properties of everyday materials by looking at and touching different materials.



Let your child explore a range of materials and objects made from different materials. Encourage your child to describe what the materials look like and how they feel. Think about these questions.



Hopefully your child has suggested some of these words. If not introduce and discuss these with your child.



Feely Bag Activity



Hide an object in a bag. Ask your child to put their hand in to the bag and feel the object. Can they describe the object by it's properties and guess what it is and the material it is made from.





Egg Box Investigation


Give your child an egg box labelled with a criteria such as hard, soft or smooth.

Sen your child to look for 6 objects inside or outside to fit the criteria and place it in their egg box. 

Repeat with different criteria using as many of the different material properties as you can. 


Busy Things



The teachers have assigned you an activity on Busy Things linked to materials. Can sort the materials. 

 Oak Academy Lessons


How can I describe an object?


Expressive Arts and Design:

Making Our Pigs Continued

If you did not see last weeks Expressive Arts and Design task then please click on the link below to take you back to last week (task one).


Now you have explored your chosen material it is now time for you to start thinking about making your pig. Have a go at drawing your plan into your Blended Learning books. You will need to think about the shapes of the different parts on your pig and what technique you may need to use to make that shape. For example you may need to make the coil shape for the legs and use the pinch technique for the ears.

See Miss Campbells plan below for an example

Once you have made your plan you can then start to make your pig!

Think carefully about the skills you have learnt so far to make sure that your pig will hold together.

If you are making your pig with clay then please give it a week to dry.

We will be painting and decorating our pigs next week.


School Illustration