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Don't forget that these lessons will be taught LIVE via your class zoom on Friday afternoons. 

1.05 - Fox Class

1.35 - Hedgehog Class

2.05 - Frog Class


See you there!

Ain't Got Rhythm.

This man in the library thinks he hasn't got rhythm. What do you think? Can you explain your thinking? If you think he has got rhythm, what does that mean?

Phineas and Ferb - Ain't Got Rhythm

Can you keep the beat?

This week we will be practising keeping the beat and rhythm work. 

If you'd like more practise, here are the videos we used in our lesson. 


This first video - can you tap a part of your body in time with the music? What does it remind you of? 

Mike Oldfield - Only Time Will Tell

We all know this next song! 

What do you notice about the beat of this song? The rhythm? Is it different to Only Time Will Tell? In What Way?

Can you choose a movement you can do in time with beat? What about a few movements?

You could clap, or stamp, or pat your knees, or spin around!

HAPPY - Pharrell Williams (feat. Minions)

Can you march to the beat?

This next video is marching band music. If you look carefully, what do you notice about the soldier's feet? 

Massed Pipes & Drums parade

Beet, Beet, Cherry, Beet

We will be practising different rhythms using these pictures. 

Can you follow the rhythms below? Perhaps you can think of your own?
































6. Challenge time!


Below is a grid for you to print if you want. Or you can draw your rhythm on a piece of paper. Can you write your own rhythm for someone else to try?

School Illustration