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VE Day

On Friday 8th May, our country will be celebrating VE Day.

We are very excited to see how you will be celebrating this special day.

Please send photos to the Year R email and we will upload them so you can see all of your friends celebrating!

Wishing you all a very happy VE Day!


Here is a powerpoint all about VE Day.


Manny (Bats) waving his flag proudly!                        Holly (Bats) made a VE Day throwing game!



Layla (Owls) made some VE Day bunting!                             Chato (Owls) made some VE Day cakes and his                                                                                                                   own decorations for his celebration with his family



William (Owls) had a VE Day party with his                                         Dexter (Owls) had a VE Day party with a

neighbours and he won a paper aeroplane                                        BBQ outside and made his own flags!



Jemima (Owls) had a great time at her VE Day party.

They played games and sang songs. Here is Jemima

having a go at her hopscotch!

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