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Week 4

Next week we will be continuing with our newspaper reports in English. We will be learning about eye-witnesses, writing about the strategies they used to put the fire out and remembering to use capital letters and full stops. 


In Phonics we will be learning the following sounds. Please look out for them in books when you are reading together or even when you are out and about. 

ai- snail in the rain

oa - goat in a boat 

ow - brown cow 

ur - nurse with a purse 

oi - spoil the boy 


In Maths, we will be looking at arrays and repeated addition, in preparation for multiplication the following week. This will involve an array hunt, making arrays and working out repeated addition sums. 


During our project time, we will be learning more about eye-witnesses and historical sources. We will also be continuing our collages. 



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