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Week 1 7.9.2020

We're All In This Together!


In Literacy this week, we will be thinking about the jobs needed to help our classroom run smoothly. Do we need somebody to stack the chairs? Do we need somebody to pick up the coats in the corridor? What other jobs can you think of?

For our exciting writing, we will be writing all about ourselves! First we will plan our writing, thinking about our birthday, what we look like and what we like and don't like. 

Here is the planner. 

After filling in the planner, we will be writing some paragraphs about ourselves. 

If you are at home, perhaps you could think of using the planner to help you write about yourself, and then someone else? Maybe a friend or a family member? Or even a pet!

Good luck!


This week we will be using our mathematical skills to find out about the other members of our class.

When is your birthday? Do you know someone else who has their birthday in the same month?

Here is a bar chart where you can show what you have found out.

If you are at home, maybe you could ask your friends and family when their birthday is and fill it in. I wonder if you'll find anyone who has their birthdays on the same day?


Later in the week we will be conducting an investigation to find out is the tallest people have the biggest feet. Do you think this is true? How would you find this out, and then how would you prove it? Maybe you could conduct an investigation at home with the people you know. 


In art this week we will be drawing a self portrait of ourselves. Here are some top tips on how to draw a super self-portrait. 


One of the most important jobs for this week is writing our class rules.We will talk about it in our groups with our teachers and decide on the important things we should try to remember when in our classroom, playground and around the school. I wonder if any of our class rules could be used at home too?

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