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Week 1

Week 1


This week in school we are learning how to write our name. Do you know how to write your name? What is the special thing you must remember at the beginning of your name? A capital letter!

(But don't forget, only the first letter of your name needs a capital!)

If you are at home, perhaps you could practise your name using different pens and pencils. How colourful can you make your name? Can you write it with your eyes shut? What about your surname? 

Good luck!



In maths this week we are learning to count. How far can you count? Can you count to 10? 20? What about 30?

Here's a challenge: Can you count backwards? Can you start counting from ANY number?

Here's some links to number songs to help you with your learning.

Expressive Art and Design

In art this week we are finding out the different marks we can make using a pencil. This is called mark -making and is a skill we will practise and use when sketching and drawing. 

Looking at the picture below, how many of these can you make using a pencil?


Good luck!

School Illustration