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Hello everybody!  Now that we have gone into another lockdown you will find all of this week's learning here.  We were due to have a spelling test of all the Year 1 and 2 Common Exception words today and Miss Apsey has recorded one for you to follow. Please have a go at this and try your very best!  


What is Epiphany?

Listen to the story Babushka and talk with an adult about any words you may not know. 

Record them in a list so that you can try and use them during the week. 



This is an old story which shows a valuable message about kindness and love.

After listening to the story Babushka can you complete this reading comprehension grid?

In class we will be making a small tea light holder using clay.  We will be using coils to make the pot.  

You may not have clay available at home, but you could try and follow the same process using plasticine, play dough or maybe you can be even more creative and find something else that would make a candle holder.  Mrs Bramley has made a video to show you how to coil your pot: Have fun!

In our food inn we will be experiencing delicious tastes and aromatic smells. 

We will be eating a range of fresh and dried fruits. 

We will be burning incense, smelling spices and different oils. 

In the Music Inn we will be listening to some music from the Middle East.  we will be learning a song called Babushka, based around the story.  We will use musical instruments to accompany the music too. 


Listen to the song about Babushka - can you join in?

With all this travelling we will become weary and so it important to have a well deserved rest.  Snuggle under a blanket and rest.  At school we will be making a cosy area with blankets, cushions and twinkly lights.  Can you make a den at home? 

To end our long journey we will visit The Inn of Wishes - this will be where we get to make some wishes for ourselves or our families. We will write them down on a star and place them on the shared board outside all of the Year 2 classes.  

What will you wish?  Write it down and bring it back into school so that it can be added to the shared display. 

What is Epiphany?  St Peter's Church in Bishops Waltham tell us the meaning of Epiphany to Christians.

Here are some extra resources that can support your learning in our Epiphany Project.



   Year 2 Epiphany






Make sure you use one of the links below to practise your phonics every day!


Parental Advice for phonics


BBC Bitesize

Practise Set 1 Sounds

Practise Set 2 Sounds

Phonics Song


Split digraphs

Vowel digraphs

Tricky words

Tricky words 2



 100 childrens’ Wishes

After watching the video above, what would you wish for?

Now, can you think of a selfless wish? What would your ‘Wish for the World’ be?

Can you unjumble these Epiphany words?

Can you complete this Epiphany wordsearch?

Wise Men – Fill in the blanks



The cursive alphabet

How to make handwriting fun for parents:

Mr Hicks – all the letters

School Page


Practise reading and writing Common Exception words daily


Practise with Sumdog daily



Bonds to 20 Revision

Complete this activity




Practise with Sumdog  daily


Practise with TimesTables Rockstars daily



News Round – What is Epiphany?

What is Epiphany?

The Three Wise Kings

The Journey of the Three Kings

Babushka and the Three Kings




Create your own Three Kings finger puppets

Make a Crown

Three Kings Colouring





School Illustration