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Child's Learning

This project links to Science and the healthy diet aspect so as part of the preparation for snacks the children learn about a healthy diet through the Eat Well Plate.


For this project we started with finding out what fruit and vegetables were popular in Year R.

The children surveyed the Year R children and recorded their results on a tally sheet.


The information was collated into a block graph.

As 'interdependence' is the value for this project. The children were divide into teams. Each person was allocated a role.


Next as a class we agree a design criteria.


The teams research healthy snacks using the internet and recipe books. Their ideas are recorded in their DT booklet.




Once they have agreed their snack they pitch their idea to the class.

3 snacks are agreed. These teams make a mock up which is evaluated against the design criteria.


When the snacks are agreed. The children prepare for the Cafe opening.

first an invite is sent to Year R.


The children design menus.

The children prepare the snacks. All the children help make the snacks at kitchen stations. They use a ranger of equipment including a blender, knives, peelers, chopping board and so on.





Finally the children created their cafe and served the snacks to Year R.






The Year 1 children helped the reception class complete an evaluation table.

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