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Sun Safety

Sun Safety at Bishops Waltham Infant School


At BWIS we are committed to:

PROTECTION: providing an environment that enables children and staff to stay safe in the sun.
EDUCATION: learning about sun safety to increase knowledge and influence behaviour.
COLLABORATION: working with parents, the management structure and the wider community to reinforce awareness about sun safety.



Clothing is one of the most effective barriers between our skin and the sun and should always be considered the first line of defence against UV exposure. Ideally clothing should cover as much skin as possible. Shoulders should always be covered as they can easily burn.


Our policy on clothing and sunhats

  • We actively remind parents to ensure children are equipped with an appropriate sun hat for use as required throughout the school day.
  • We make available additional/spare sun hats for all outdoor activities in the event a parent is unable to provide one, or if a child has lost or forgotten their own.
  • We ensure children wear their sun hat outdoors when UV levels reach 3 or above.
  • Baseball caps are not recommended.
  • We use Sun Safe strategies to encourage children to cover up like ‘No hat, play in the shade or indoors’.
  • We ensure pupils wear school and PE uniforms that keep shoulders covered. Sunglasses are optional.



Sunscreen should be applied to areas of exposed skin that are not covered by clothing to protect it from Ultraviolet Radiation. Without adequate protection, a child's delicate skin can easily burn, causing cumulative and irreparable damage. This can significantly increase their risk of developing skin cancer in later life.


Our Policy on sunscreen

  • We actively remind parents to ensure children have applied sunscreen before coming to school
  • If parents wish for their child to bring in sun screen, they can do so, making sure it is in clearly labelled bottle.
  •  A practical approach towards the application of sunscreen is necessary, with assistance provided only where necessary to younger or less able pupils, unless instructed otherwise by the parent/carer.



It is recommended that all schools provide generous shaded areas where children can congregate for outdoor play and activities during warmer weather. 


Our  policy on shade

  • We currently provide shaded areas outdoors where children can congregate for outdoor play and activities.
  • We conduct shade assessments to consider future needs and are committed to improving shade solutions where necessary.
  • We encourage children to play in the shade as much as possible when UV levels reach 3 or above, particularly between peak UV hours (11am-3pm).
  • We monitor and limit time children spend outdoors when UV levels are high, particularly during peak UV hours between 11am and 3pm.



It is recommended that all schools monitor UV levels daily during warmer months as sun safety measures should be implemented when UV levels reach 3 or above. 


Our policy on monitoring UV Rays

  • We are committed to monitoring the daily UV Index during warmer months to ensure appropriate sun safety measures are implemented when necessary.



UV exposure is not just a safeguarding issue for children, but for employees too. They are also seen as role models by both parents and children and should therefore be actively adopting and roll modelling the same sun safety practices outlined in this policy.


Our policy on staff role modelling

  • Staff are expected to role model good sun safety practice during extreme heat




Educating young learners on the importance of sun safety is vital to embed key messaging and influence behaviours.


Our policy on educating our learners

  • We are committed to educating all pupils annually about safe and unsafe exposure to the sun, including how to reduce the risk of skin cancer using the comprehensive, curriculum linked lesson plans, activities and resources provided by the Sun Safe Schools national accreditation programme.




Our policy on communicating with parents:

  • We communicate our policies and actively remind parents of the required support through a range of channels e.g. our website, newsletters, app messages and emails.




Our policy on hydration

  • We are committed to ensuring children are kept hydrated with drinks, particularly water, available and encouraged regularly throughout the day, especially during warmer weather and physical activity.



We are looking to further develop a sun safety policy over the coming months, with the recent years of much warmer climates. Please come and see a staff member if you would like more information




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