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New challenges have been added to Sumdog. Log on and see how many you can answer correctly. We love seeing who has logged in and the progress you are making in Maths! Keep up the super work! 

Halving and Sharing

This week we would like you to practise halving and sharing. 

There are lots of practical ways you can practise this skill at home. Can you cut your sandwich in half? Can you cut your apple in half? Can you share a packet of sweets between the people in your family?

How do you make sure you share them fairly?

Here are some ideas of how to half and share. You don't need to do all of them just pick the ones you would like to do.


Sharing Equally

Number of the Day 15

Here's a video all about the number 15! What it looks like, what numbers are fewer and more than 15 and how to add pairs of numbers to make it! Have fun!

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