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Healthy Heart and Mind at BWIS

We believe that a healthy heart leads to a healthy mind, which is why we value health and well being for everyone who attends BWIS.


From the moment our children come through the door, they feel safe and cared for. Our Ethos and 'Badger Values' permeate through our school, creating an environment in which children can thrive. Our school ethos values promotes Belonging, Aspiration, Determination, Goodness, Excellence and Respect.


A few years ago, we looked at what having a 'lifelong love of sport' really meant to our school. The government gave extra funding to create this and we really had to think what this would look like for our learners. In class we taught our learning values; Independence, Interdependence, Creativity, Spirituality, Thinking and Emotional Intelligence. We felt a 'Lifelong Love of Sport' would encompass both our learning values and our ethos values.


Through taught team games children encourage each other to do well. They help when somebody needs help. They recognise that everybody has different strengths and working as a team is essential to team sports.

Children gain confidence. They apply their new team game knowledge at break times, recognising each other's strengths. The majority of our children are happy and healthy, and many of our children attend teams and activities outside classes.

In addition to our games curriculum in school, all our children have the opportunity to learn PE skills through Dance and Gymnastics. We teach swimming in Year 2 in the BWJS pool. During Teacher PPA sessions there are opportunities for children to try new sports with specialist coaches. Every playtime there isa range of ' Huff and Puff' fun sports equipment for children to play with. One lunchtime per week, the  sport is led by specialist coaches encouraging all children to try their best. Some children access yoga, through a support program. We also provide a range of after school and before school clubs, run by outside specialists, for which there is a small charge. These include Football, Gymnastics.Dance, Yoga and Taekwondo..

We understand that a healthy mind is important at school and beyond. We teach children how to keep themselves safe in life and online. Children know who can help them and who they can talk to if they need to. We run small wellbeing groups in each class, where children can discuss their worries and concerns. Children have a quiet space in the classroom which they can access if they feel worried. Each class has a box that children can write their worries in. Mrs Charles is our Mental Health Lead in school and we also have a Mental Health school governor. At every step of the way in school, children are supported, to ensure they feel safe and are happy in their learning.

Health eating is encouraged throughout our school. Taster menus are provided by our cook whenever there is a menu change, encouraging children to try new dishes. Being healthy is taught throughout our curriculum, with a visit from 'Heart Start' to our Year 1 during the Autumn Term to show children essential life saving skills. Our curriculum helps children to understand the world around them and their place in that world. It includes Relationships and Health Education and Religious Education. You will see all the children's learning in their 'Me and My World' books.

We use a Program called 'Trickbox'  to help children develop happy life habits, under 4 key ABCD principles;






Our 4 key outcomes that we work towards are developing confidence, being calm, developing communication and creativity. Trickbox helps children to:


  • Recognise and Manage emotionsDevelop mindful awareness around mind-body connection
  • Build awareness and choices around body language signals
  • Create confident, mindful decision making
  • Set and achieve positive goals
  • Develop communication skills to enhance interpersonal relationships
  • Problem solve and create solution thinking
  • Create intrinsic motivation and the confidence to try new thinking in new ways
  • Develop a positive mindset, building longterm resilience and autonom



Click on our 'Trickbox' Link to find out more.




An anxiety booklet to help parents

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