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Why are the leaves falling?

After reading the story 'Leaf Man’, Bats, Rabbits and Owls find a letter explaining he is lost in the school grounds. The children will go on a walk around school to look for him. Whilst on their walk we will look and discuss the changes that are happening in the natural world around them. I wonder what signs of  Autumn we will see? On finding Leaf Man the children discover he is lonely. What could we do to help him?

We will also talk about events which happen throughout Autumn such as Harvest and Bonfire night. The children will attend a Harvest festival service at our local church.



On the link below you will find information about each week's learning for this project, ‘Why are the leaves falling?'. These are the activities we will be completing in class. If you are self-isolating you will be able to access our learning and complete these activities at home.

Project Home Learning


How many autumnal signs can you spot on your scavenger hunt?


Can you find all the items on the scavenger hunt?

What else can you find?

Remember to look in the trees and on the ground.

Keep your eyes peeled for other signs- what will you spot?


Keep your eyes peeled while you’re out and about!

Leaf Man Search


After reading the story 'Leaf Man', Rabbits and Owls found a letter saying he was lost in the school grounds. First we made a class wanted poster to tell people he was missing. The children were very keen to start searching for Leaf Man and were excited when they finally found him. They were inspired to create him some leaf man friends so he wasn't lonely anymore.

Project Outcome


Now the Leaf Man is no longer lonely the children decided to think about where his next adventure would be. I wonder where the wind will blow him too next?

Owls, Rabbits and Bat Class children took on the roles of being authors and illustrators. They wrote their own pages for our class, 'Leaf Man's Next Adventure' book and created pictures using natural objects. 

Please select your child's class book below to see all of their wonderful ideas. Enjoy!

School Illustration