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This week we will be learning our number bonds to 5 and learning about our number of the week.


Number bonds


Children need to understand that numbers can be made by combining  smaller numbers together, including 0. 


Activity Ideas


Here are some ideas for you to practise learning about number bonds. You could do a different one each day. You do not need to do all of them,

Remember to upload pictures of what you do to Tapestry for your teachers to see.



Beanbag Fun


Give your child 5 bean bags.

Ask them to throw them into a hoop.

How may land inside the hoop? How many land outside?   

How could you record your results?


What if you only had 4 bean bags or 3?


Building Towers


Provide cubes in 2 different colours and ask your child to build a tower of 5.  Talk about the the combination of cubes they have used. For example 'you have  1 red cube and 4 yellow cubes.  1 add 4 makes 5.'

Can they build a different tower of 5?

Compare the towers and talk about the different combinations they make. 



Ladybird Matching


Hide the Ladybird Spots Number Bond Matching Cards around the house or in the garden.  

Encourage your child to find the cards and match the number bonds together.

Look for them checking the number of spots to make sure they have five.

How many in the bag?


Collect five objects and count them out in to a bag or container.

Count them together one at a time as they go in.

Take some objects out and lay them on the table in front of the bag

Count how many there are and ask your child how many are still hiding in the bag.

Try with all the different ways of creating five.

This could be repeated with other numbers. 

What is Missing 


Give your child the part-whole activity sheet.

Encourage them to work out which number is needed to complete the part-whole models.


Questions to ask and encourage their thinking

What number do we need to add to … to make five? How do you know?

How can you work out the missing number? Can you show me how you worked it out?  

Can you find another way of making five? How many ways can you find?

I think three should go in this part. Am I correct? Why? Why not?


Watch the Numberblocks episode 'The Whole of Me'


The Numberblocks show us what they are made of in a song and dance all about the parts that make a whole. Find out how to split numbers into smaller numbers with the Numberblocks. 

Printable Activities 

Some parents have requested worksheet activities so here are some linked to number bonds. We try to make learning as hands on as possible for Year R children so please don't feel you have to complete all of these. We also understand some of you may not have printers.

I Can Say My Number Pairs 5 | Math Song for Kids | Number Bonds | Jack Hartmann

Number pairs for 5. This number pairs song engages students to demonstrate the number pairs for 5 with their fingers for active engagement and strengthening...

Number of the Week


In class we have a number of the week display. This display is to encourage the children to use deeper thinking skills about numbers. 


This week our focus number is 11.


Ideas to discuss and help your child learn are:

  • count the number of objects needed to make the number
  • write the number correctly
  • count backwards from 11
  • count on from 11
  • say numbers less or more than 11
  • do we have an 11p coin? How could we make 11p
  • double the number
  • say 1 more and less than 11
  • recognise 11 o' clock on a clock

Number of the Week 11

Time for number 11! But what does it look like on a 10-frame? Which numbers are fewer than 11? Or more than 11? And how can you add 2 numbers to make 11?

School Illustration