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Role of the School Governors

Welcome to the BWIS Governors' section!


Hello and welcome to the Governor Page of our Internet site – thank you for surfing to our page


Many people may have read about, and be familiar with, the idea of School Governors, but may not be familiar with what they do, how they work, and who they are.


This is a short introduction specifically about the Governing body of Bishops Waltham Infant School and how it works with the teaching staff to ensure the best possible learning environment for our children.


BWIS' Governing body is made up of twelve people. Of these, one is nominated by Hampshire Education Authority, two by the teaching staff (this includes Mrs Riches, our Headteacher), two from the parents and seven are co-opted and chosen by the Governing body..


Each Governors term lasts for 4 years after which an election is held or new appointment made. The officers of the Governing body (which includes the Chair and Vice Chair) as well as its committees are elected annually by the Governors.


The full Governing Body meets once each half term with additional meetings as required. Topics include items directly related to the school and any outside influences, which may affect the way the school runs.

Much of the governing body's work is devolved to our committees, which deal with specific areas. At BWIS, there are two committees.

· The Curriculum Committee is responsible for all Curriculum matters

· The Resources Committee is responsible Finance, Personnel, Buildings and Health & Safety.

Both of these committees meet once each half term and report into the full Governing Body.


The Governing Body

· Monitors, appraises and through discussion advises the school on all aspects of school management,

· Provides help and support to the School Management Team,

· Works with the staff to control expenditure,

· Provides an avenue of communication for parents.

Curriculum Committee

This committee is responsible for overseeing Curriculum & reviewing the school's major policies. It:

· Advises the governing body on its statutory obligations under the National Curriculum,

· Provides information about how the curriculum is taught, evaluated and funded,

· Reviews policies for sex education, religious education and collective worship,

· Ensures that the children's requirements with special educational needs as well as our able children are met,

· Monitors and reviews information related to the school's performance,

· Monitors those policies, which directly relate to the ethos of the school.

Resources Committee

This committee has responsibility for 4 Key Areas of the School: -

· Finance

· Personnel

· Buildings

· Health and Safety


The responsibility for setting and monitoring the overall School budget across the various curriculum areas whilst ensuring the spending remains within budget, is the main task of this committee and impacts all the other tasks of this and the Curriculum committee as well as School life as a whole.


This committee additionally deals with all School Personnel issues, both Teacher and Non Teacher alike.


Through the School Improvement Plan, the Buildings and Grounds upkeep is planned as Budget allows. Whether it be a major project like the toilet refurbishment which requires the need to build up funds over a number of years or immediate repair / redecoration as required.

Health and Safety

The final responsibly for this committee is Heath and Safety. Each Half term a School walk about between members of the committee and Mrs Ely, our Site Manager, takes place to ensure that everything is in order to ensure that the Health and Safety of the staff, children and visitors to the School is not compromised.

Any findings from these regular walkabouts are then built into the Budget spend and prioritised as appropriate.

From time to time vacancies exist on our Governing Body. Any applications should be in writing and addressed to the Chair of Governors at Bishops Waltham Infant School. Parent governor elections will take place, as vacancies become available. You will be invited to put yourself forward as candidates, with a secret ballot held if there are more candidates than seats available.





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