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Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning Everyone!

(For more information on our current project which has started this week, click here

We hope you are well and safe at home. Here is today's learning activities. 

Here's some thinking to get your brains active!



Don't forget to keep practising all your sounds as much as you can. 


Do you know what a compound word is? Have a look at this page - - There is a video and a quiz!  Good luck!

If you'd like more compound word work - have a go at finding all the compound words in the writing below. 

Science and Writing

Explore your garden or outside area on your walks. What do you see? Can you make a list of the different animals and plants you have seen?


Can you remember how to add digits on a number line? Well, we are going to learn a new skill using a BLANK or EMPTY number line. That means it has no numbers on it. Head over to the Video Resource Centre to find a video on how to add using a blank number line. Then have a go at these problems...



Well done everyone!

Come back tomorrow for more learning!  



Download the maths documents

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