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This week we would like you to focus on pattern.

Finding, creating and completing different patterns.  

You do not have to do all of the following just pick the ones you would like to do. 


This powerpoint is a good introduction to patterns!

Can you use your finger print and paint to create a repeating pattern?


Miss Campbell has used paint to create some repeating patterns. She was really creative and made a flower pattern using paint!





Oops, Miss Campbell has made a mistake in the following pattern. Can you spot the mistake?



Can you make a pattern using objects from around your house and garden?


Mrs Wombell has made some repeating patterns using objects from her house and in her garden.

Can you guess which object she would need to put next to complete her patterns? 

Can you make some repeating patterns using objects and ask your grown ups to photograph them to upload onto our blog? 






Some of Mrs Wombell's patterns are more simple than others. She has used 2 different objects but then challenged herself to making a pattern using 3 different objects. Can you challenge yourself and make a pattern using 3 different objects? 


Online Links

Worksheets linked to pattern


Some parents have requested worksheet activities so here are some linked to patterns. We try to make learning as hands on as possible for Year R children so please don't feel you have to complete all of these. We also understand some of you may not have printers.

Number of the Week 12

Number 12! What numbers are less than 12? What does 12 look like? Which pairs of numbers add together to make 12? Let's find out!

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