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Now that you have had a wonderful day learning all about Epiphany we would like you to write about your day. 


First we would like you to write your introductory paragraph.  This will need to explain that Year 2 had a day learning all about Epiphany. You will need to explain what Epiphany celebrates.


Your next paragraphs will be to describe each "inn" and what activity you did.  

The Inns are...


Story Inn - Babushka 

Inn of Light - Clay coil pots

Food and aroma Inn - Did you taste something new or smell something different?

Music Inn - Babushka/Middle Eastern music

Resting Inn - Blankets/resting/den building

Wishing Inn - What wish did you make for you and your family? 


You could also say which inn was your favourite and why. 


Don't forget to start a new line for each chunk (paragraph)  of writing. 

Remember to use capital letters at the start of a sentence and a full stop/question mark/exclamation mark at the end.  You will need to make sure that all common exception words are spelled correctly, so do use the attached word bank. 


If you were doing your Epiphany Day at home and you took photos of the day you could add these to your writing.  

Make sure that you use the common exception word mat to spell all of these words correctly.


My Epiphany Day 2021


The children in Year Two were lucky to find out all about Epiphany.  Epiphany is when we remember the journey that the Three Wise Men took to see Baby Jesus. We travelled from Inn to Inn doing lots of different fun things.


We travelled to the Story Inn and heard the story of Babushka.  We learned many new words and found out all about how kind Babushka was.


In the Inn of Light, we made candleholders using clay.  We used coils to make the pots.  It was so much fun!


We got to taste some different fruits in the Food and Aroma Inn.  There was also special spices and incense for us to smell.  My favourite fruit was the sultanas because they were soft and tasty.


We went to the Games Inn, which was outside and played some travelling games.  This was the best inn because we had to cross the golden river and I was caught!


We got to play musical instruments in the Music Inn and learned a new song about Babushka!


After all the singing and dancing in the Music Inn we travelled to the Resting Inn where we got to make a den and hang up sparkling fairy lights.


We all talked as a class about our day and made some wishes. My wish was for everyone to be happy and healthy. We wrote our wishes on a star and added them to our Year 2 shared display so that we can see everybody’s wish.


We had the best day and I wish we could do it again.

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