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Project Hooks, Outcomes and events

We were so excited to receive a video from 2 masked superheros! They challenged us to find out how to be superstar learners! 


Science Investigation:

In PE we took part in a Science investigation. We wanted to find out which exercise made our heart beat the fastest. Was there an exercise that made us the most out of breath?
We learnt how to use a stethoscope and enjoyed sharing what we found out.

Meon Valley HeartStart

We were very lucky to have visitors from Meon Valley Heartstart who came in to show us how to administer basic first aid. We discussed what a medical emergency was and learnt DRS ABC. They taught us how to put somebody into the recovery position, and what to do if someone is hurt. 

Senses Invention:

Throughout this project we have been learning about our senses and how we use them to find out about the world around us.

We used our senses to complete a range of exciting activities!
First we wore blindfolds to feel mystery items and think about their texture. We had to match the items that felt the same way. After this we tasted different foods to find out if they were salty, sweet or sour. We smelled cups of mystery foods and tried to identify what they were. Next we listened to shakers and matched the sounds that were the same. Finally, we used our sight to find Wally in a Where’s Wally book and learned how certain images can trick the mind into seeing something differently.

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