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This week we will be reading and writing postcards from New Zealand.

Have you ever had a postcard from someone? 

Maybe you have sent one yourself. 

They are usually sent from someone who is on holiday.

 This week will be finding out what a good postcard looks like and then writing our own, imagining that we are in the North Island of New Zealand.  

We will include lots of information that we have learned in the project so far.

Monday 1st February 2021

Today you will be finding out all about how to write a postcard.

Follow the Powerpoint below and take part in the activities but link the activity "Give two suggestions of what you might write about in a postcard" to New Zealand.   We also think you could list a lot more than two.  See how many ideas you can come up with...we think it will be over ten! You are a real New Zealand expert now! 


How to write a postcard

Tuesday 1st February 2021

Miss Salter has started to write a postcard from New Zealand. 

She has used a range of sentence types. 

Can you identify all four types of sentences? 

Remember that you are looking for a command, statement, question and exclamation. 

If you have forgotten what these different sentences are, follow the link to the BBC Bitesize video clips to help you. 

Talk with your adult at home about the four different types of sentence and what makes them different from each other. 



Now you will need a red, blue, yellow and green pencil or pen and Miss Salter's postcard from New Zealand.

Colour in all statements yellow.

Colour in all questions blue.

Colour in all commands green.

Colour in all exclamations red. 

If you found this super easy try editing Miss Salter's postcard by changing a  statement to a question, or a statement to an exclamation.  

Wednesday 3rd February 2021

Time to take your tour of New Zealand and plan your postcard. 

We would first like you to decide who you are sending your postcard to.  It could be your class teacher or LSA, Mrs Riches or your class mascot.  We'd all like to hear from you in school.

Next you will need to decide on three areas you have visited in New Zealand (it might be a good idea to do this about the area you know best, so Bay of Plenty, Wellington, and Lake Taupo or Rotorua.) 

In each of these areas you need to be able to explain what you did there or what you saw. 

You may also like to plan what sentence type you will use.  

We would like you to plan this using a mind map. 

New Zealand will be the main title (or my postcard from New Zealand) and then each branch off will include the area, activity and sentence type.

Look at Miss Salter's example to help you. 

You can make your own mind map or use the one Miss Salter made and add your own information

Thursday 4th February 2021

Today you get to imagine you are on holiday in New Zealand and you write a detailed postcard to your chosen person at school. 

Imagine you have toured the North Island and been to at least three areas, Bay of Plenty, Wellington and Rotorua or Lake Taupo. 

Include as much detail as you like but remember to use a range of the four sentence types. 

Use your mind map like a plan.  

You can use the postcard sheet attached below or make your own postcard using paper or card.  Postcards are usually small so we like to do ours in A4 size to fit all of our writing on it. 

When you have finished your writing and added the address of the person you are sending it to (very important or it won't get there!) you can turn the postcard over and draw your picture of New Zealand.  This might be a mountain, volcano or koru that you have been learning about in Art or a range of activities you can do in New Zealand. 

We can't wait to receive the postcards (add them to Tapestry, you don't have to send it through the post! Stay at home and stay safe.) 

You can use this template on A4 or make your own.

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