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Being Positive About Myself


This week we would like you think about what things make you feel good and happy. What do you enjoy doing that usually makes you happy? For example, your favourite book, drawing, singing a particular song? 


During the day, talk to your child about what they are doing and focus on their achievements. Use the language of feeling good when talking to your child, for example, 'What a lovely picture! It makes me feel good to look at. You must feel very proud'. 


Challenge any negative self-talk with positive self-talk (e.g., turn "I am a slow learner" into "I am a learner who takes time to do well at an activity". 



Mood Board Activity


We would like you to make your own mood board titled 'When I am happy'. This should be a collage of all the things that make you happy. Who is with you when you are happy? Where are you? What are you doing? Talk about what you are going to put on your board and why they are special to you. For example, "my family because they love me". Below are some images of different mood boards to give you inspiration! 


Remember to upload your boards to Tapestry. We cannot wait to hear about all the things that make you happy smiley

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