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We are going to continue to practise joining letters together making words.

These words are ones you use in your writing all the time.



  • Each letter starts on the line with an entry stroke
  • Keep your pencil on the paper until you have finished the word, then dot the 'i's and cross the 't's.
  • Sit you letters on the line. Some letters like 'g j p q y' have descenders which go below the line.
  • Capital letters never join up.


Activity 1

This is our live lesson. You can use the practise sheet or write the words in your blended learning book.




Activity 2

This time we are going to practise words with 'th' in the them.


You can practise these words in different ways.

Try these:-

  • paint brush and water on a wall or patio
  • painting the letters
  • using chalk, felt tips, markers, crayons, pens
  • using a finger in a tray of sand, shaving foam or flour
  • using different coloured paper or on large pieces of paper
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