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This week we are going to be History Detectives and think about how we know an artefact, (something from the past), is old or historical.


Activity 1

Lets look at these 2 artefacts. One is Victorian and one is from the present, today. You might even have it in your house!



Talk to your grown up. 

Which kettle is Victorian? How do you know?

What clues are there?


How about these toys? Which are Victorian and which would you play with today?


How do you know? What clues did you look for?

So History Detectives what clues are you looking for to help you decide if an artefact is Victorian or not?

Ask a grown up to read the questions and statements on the sheet.

Would  a History Detective ask these questions when they look at an artefact?

Write a tick or a cross in the box at the end of each statement.


Activity 2 

Do you know what happens to historical artefacts?

They are often displayed in museums so everyone can enjoy them.

Have you ever been to a museum?


Click the link below to watch a short cartoon about visiting a museum.


This link will take you on a tour of The Victoria and Albert Museum in London. You don't have to watch it all but it will give you a taste of what a real museum is like.


So History Detectives have a look at these artefacts.

Which ones would you put in Bishops Waltham Victorian Museum?

Use the ideas from yesterday to decide.



Next cut out the artefacts you want in your museum and display them on these shelves.

If you've got room draw and label extra artefacts for the museum and stick them on the shelves.

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