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Art & Geography

Activity 1 - Waterfalls and volcanoes 

This week we would like you to focus your Geography sessions on making your volcano or waterfall. You can make it out of any material you like and the more creative the better! In the past we have had volcano cakes, waterfalls with sound effects and real eruptions from large volcanoes!  

Have fun and please add your pictures or videos to Tapestry so we can add to our learning outcome by Thursday 11th February 2021.





Activity 2

Complete this Double Bubble, comparing New Zealand and England. In the middle circles you should write and draw a picture of things that New Zealand and England have in common. In the blue circles you should write and draw pictures of things that are important to or only in England. In the yellow circles you should write and draw pictures of things that are important to or only in New Zealand. Think about human and physical geography to help with this. Below are some words to get you started. Sort them into the correct circles. 







kiwi birds


Queen Elizabeth 

pound coins and notes 

silver fern 



Activity 3

Here is your end of project assessment.  Can you write a sentence and tell your teacher what each picture has to do with New Zealand? 

Activity 3 - Quiz


Follow the link or QR code to have a go at your Year 2 New Zealand quiz.

Activity 4

Today is where you dust off your KWL grid from the beginning of the project and complete the L section (what have I learned?)  This is where you use your memory and write down facts about New Zealand that you have learned over the project. If you find it tricky to remember look back at all of your project and English learning over the past 4 weeks. 

Don't forget to upload your learning to Tapestry!
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