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General Phonic Practise

Here are some fun Phonic activities for you to play at home:


Grid Reference Phonics:



Have a go at reading the different grid reference codes. When searching for them encourage your child to find the letter first and then the number. Put a finger on each and ask them to move their finger on the number across until they reach the column their letter is on. Now move their other finger up so they can see their chosen sound. A good way to remember this is, 'along the corridor and up the stairs'.

Once they have the sound get them to write their sound in the box. Keep going until you get all the sounds. Now try and blend those sounds together to read the word.


Challenge: Why not have a go at coming up with your own grid reference codes. What words can you create?


Kahoot! Phonic Quiz:


Download the Kahoot! App or click on the website link below.

Enter the code to play the Phonic Quiz.

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