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Knowledge and Understanding of the World

Play Guess the Animal:


To start this game you will need some animals. Have a search around your house to see how many different farm animals you can find. It might be that you have some animal toys or teddies. If you don't you could use the pictures below.


  • Ask your child to take it in turns to share with you different things they know about the different animals. They might want to share what colour the animals is, what size they are, what they may eat, where they live etc.
  • Once the children are familiar with the animals, lay out your animals so that your child can see them all clearly and you are ready to play your game.
  • Explain to your child that you are going to describe one of the animals. Your child's task is to try and guess which animal it is that you are describing. For example, you may say, "It has four legs and it makes a 'moo' sound."
  • If they struggle to guess the animals you can allow them to ask a question to help them in figuring out which animal it may be.
  • Once your child becomes more confident with listening and guessing, they might like to then have a go at describing an animals for you to guess. Try and encourage your child to use different types of clues to describe their animal.


We hope you enjoy the game!





Labelling an animal:


Another task you might like to do is to have a go at labelling an animal. Work with your child to discuss the different parts of an animal. You may need to have a search online or in books to find out the different parts if you are not sure.

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