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Lord Nelson is a very famous British admiral in the Royal Navy.  Later on in the project you will find out all about him, his life and why he is so famous. 


This week we would like you to find out all about different famous people. 




Monday 22nd February 2021


Today you will find out about two different famous people in the past.  You have learned about these famous people before.

Queen Victoria and Samuel Pepys

You will need to watch the BBC Bitesize videos to remind yourself why they became famous. 

Click here for Samuel Pepys

Click here for Queen Victoria


Once you have reminded yourself about these two VIP's (Very Important Person) you will need to tell your teacher about them by writing some interesting sentences.  You may include the period they were alive,  key facts about them or a fun or interesting piece of information. 


Remember to include capital letters at the start of the sentence and full stops, exclamation marks or question marks at the end.  Capital letters are also used at the beginning of people's names. 


If you find it tricky to remember all of the rules about writing a sentence follow the link to watch Hip Hop Granny sing us a song we'll never forget!


Tuesday 23rd February 2021


Significant people in the world are famous for different reasons:

Monarchs and leaders 

Scientists and Engineers

Civil rights and social activists




and many more. 

Today you will navigate your way around the BBC Bitesize website and learn about different significant people from the past.  We would like you to find out information about one person from each category and then choose one that you found the most interesting. 


Visit their page again and use the mind map to help you take notes.














Wednesday 24th February 2021


Now you know a great deal about your chosen person, complete the grid using the information gathered in your mind map.  Can you add any thing else to your mind map?  Both the mind map and the grid will help you write a report about them.

After you have finished your research you may play one of the BBC Bitesize games at the bottom of the page.  You may learn even more about a significant person that you found interesting.



Mind Map

Use this to record your interesting facts

Thursday 25th February 2021


Now that you know about lots of significant people in history you are ready to write a report about one of your favourite ones.


For this report we will be looking for excellent use of capital letters and full stops. 


It will need an eye catching title - for example Getting to know Rosa Parks or All about Neil Armstrong.


Your report will need to be written in short sections (paragraphs).


Your first paragraph will need to introduce your significant person.  This will include their name, their significant date and why they are famous. 


Your next two paragraphs will be your interesting facts about your significant person.


Your final paragraph will be why you like them and what inspires you about them.


See Miss Salter's report about Neil Armstrong as a good example. 



I bet you feel like an expert now.  You know so much about people in the past.  You are a real historian.  Next week you will start to find out more and more about Admiral Lord Nelson and the Battle of Trafalgar.  


If you would like an extra challenge you could try and record yourself like a news reporter, telling your viewers about the famous person that you know so well.  Your teacher would love to see this on Tapestry. 

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