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Creative Activities

This week I have put on two creative activities that you might like to have a go at. You do not have to do both so if you think you would enjoy one more than the other then please pick that one.


Activity One:

This week we have been learning lots about different farm animals. We thought we would set you the challenge to see if you can make your own farm animal using paper mache. How exciting!



To do this you will need:


. Newspaper (Some whole pieces and the rest cut up in strips)

. Scissors

. Glue paste

. Tissue Paper

. Paint




1. To start off with you will need to scrunch up a ball shape to cover in newspaper to make the head of  your animal.

2. You will now need to scrunch up some newspaper to make the body of your animal.

3. Once you have made the shapes carefully add your paste to newspaper strips and wrap them around your shapes. It works best when you do this one at a time, starting at one end and wrapping round.

4. Now you have covered both the shapes in newspaper strips you will need to attach them together. Think carefully about where your head will need to be on your animal. Depending on your animal you may need to make a long neck.

5. You now must leave this dry.This could take a few days.

6. Once it is dry you can now start to wrap your animal shape in coloured tissue paper. For example, if you were making a chick you will want to wrap it in yellow tissue paper.  Cut out some strips and apply on the glue past like you did for the newspaper and wrap around. Once you have wrapped it in tissue paper you will again need to leave this to dry.

You may not have tissue paper and so instead you could now paint your animal. It may need a few coats of paint so leave it to dry in between.

7. Once they are dry you can now add on your animals features. This is where you can paint on your eyes, mouth, beak ect. You may not want to paint and instead could find things around the house that you could use to make the features instead. You could stick on wobbly eyes or feathers.

8. Leave your animals to dry

9. You have finished! You may now want to make another animal or maybe you could make a home for your animal.


Please send us a picture so we can see them smiley

Activity Two:

Have a listen to, Out of the Arks song, 'Together' and see if you can complete the activities below.

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