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This week's writing is all about materials and what we have learned about materials in this project. You will need the template to write your Materials Report. It looks like the picture below and can be found in the document at the bottom. 


In the first 2 boxes, you will need an eye-catching title about materials and an introductory paragraph to hook the reader's attention. Try to include a question with a question mark. 

In one of the square boxes, you can draw a picture or pictures and label it with the materials or properties you can see. Use the below word mat to help you with this.

Tuesday and Wednesday

In one of the small rectangular boxes, you need to write a list of the materials you know. You could do this by writing a sentence and using commas in a list or you can bullet point the materials you know. In the other small rectangular box, you need to list the properties you know. Again, you can use commas in a list or bullet points to do this. Use the word mat above and the word cards below to label different materials and properties around your house. Are there any more you can think of or find that aren't included?


Today you will be completing the other square box and the large rectangular box at the bottom. In one of the boxes you need to describe the experiment we carried out; explaining the findings. In the other box, you will be writing about the materials and resources you will be using to make your wheeled vehicle including reasons why. This means you need to use the very important word 'because'. Look at the pictures below for a reminder of what to do in each box and to see an example of what your report might look like. These are also included in the document at the bottom. 


School Illustration