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School Menus

All meals are cooked fresh on site by our catering team. Menu's are available in many different languages.


Children carry their plate into the server to get their food and then to their table. Cutlery is on the table and a bread basket, which the children can help themselves to. Salad is also available every day.


Lunchtimes are a happy, social time for our children, and good manners and behaviour are rewarded with table trophies through the week and on Fridays with lunch on the "Golden Table".


All Year R parents are invited to come for a school lunch with their child before they start school. Year R staff stay with the children at the start of their time in the hall to help them during their first few weeks.


Teaching staff eat with the children when they have a school lunch.


All infant school children are currently entitled to Universal Free School Meals . This means they have a choice between two options to make every day, usually one meat and one vegetarian. Each mains is served with a choice of desserts which include fruit and yoghurts. The lunches are served on a three week cycle. A new menu is issued in April and October every year.


Our School Council meet each year with Hampshire Caterers to input into the menu. They have excellent ideas and some of these have been taken on board for the main menu!

Please note we do not serve the 'Picnic Lunch' mentioned as it is at the discretion of each school and we simply do not have the storage space to have this facility.

Children with recognised allergies such as wheat, dairy, nuts etc can still have school dinners, but please be aware these menus have to be specially prepared and may take up to three weeks to be in place. Forms for the caterers will need to be filled out before the lunch can be made. These are available from the school office.

Registration for Universal Free School Meals is not required for children to have the free meals. But schools get government funding for all children who meet the standard free meal criteria. The funding is called the Pupil Premium. To let schools get the funding for as many pupils as possible, we encourage parents of children who meet the standard free meal criteria to register. This includes parents of children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 2, please click the following link and follow the on screen instructions. Applications are treated with discretion and all children are completely unaware of their meal status so as to avoid any stigma. If you do qualify for the Pupil Premium funding the school will be able to pay for additional extras for your child out of the Pupil Premium funding such as school trips and one extra curricular club per week.

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