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Diary Entry

Every week we would like you to write a diary entry in the exercise book we gave you, about something you have done at home. We look forward to reading them when you are back at school. 

You could even ask your grown up to photograph your writing and put it on the blog so we can see what you are doing. The teachers will be sharing with you on the blog what they are up to as well.



This week we will be setting you the challenge of exploring poetry and eventually writing your own poem about what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel in your garden. How exciting!


Poetry might be something new for your child or something they haven't heard much of and so it is important that they have the chance to hear different poems and discuss them. Below we have attached different poems for you to share and talk about with your child:


Miss Campbell has also added some poems to our Video Resource Centre from her poetry book, Poems Out Loud!, published by Penguin. This book contains many poems, written by different poets. about various exciting things. Check some of them out by clicking on the link below:

Now you have explored some poetry you need to start planning your poem. Remember we are going to be writing a poem about Senses in the Garden so it is important you know what your senses are. Have a look at the information below. Spend some of your day sitting out in the garden. Think about what you can hear, smell, see, touch, taste... Ask your grown up if you need too to write down your thoughts. Maybe you would also like to have a go at some of the Senses activities below.


It's time for you to have a go at writing your own poems! Use all that you have learnt so far about your senses to write about what you can see, hear, smell, taste and feel in your garden. You will need to start each of your sentences with I can... for example, ' I can see a...' or 'I can hear the...'

Your poems will be called 'In the garden' and therefore will need this as a title at the top. Give it your best shot!

You may want to ask your grown up if they can put your poem on the blog when you have finished. The Year R teachers are having a go at writing our own poems too and will share them with you below so you can see what ours look like. Check them out:





Remember to read at least 3 times a week.


Sign in to Collins Big Cat reading Books where you can select books to match your child's book colour. Challenge your child by turning off the sound so your child can read along or simply enjoy listening to different books.


Have a go at our Easter Reading Comprehension Task. Can your child read the sentences and add the correct details to the pictures?

If your child needs more support with their reading click on the activity that has the sound buttons underneath. This will help your child with segmenting the words.


Use the phonic sheets we sent home to practise identifying and saying all the sounds. Can you identify those that are digraphs? Can you find them when reading? How many do you know?


To help decide which phonic activities are appropriate for your child ask them whose phonic group they are in.

If they are with Miss Turner, Mrs Atkinson or Miss Campbell you need to select phase 3 activities.

If they are with Mrs Wombell, Mrs Anderson or Miss Meek you need to select the phase 2 activities. 

Hope this helps.


Have a go at playing one of the games below. Can you read the words and decide if they are real words or fake words? Help the Pirates solve their problem!


Phonic Worksheets

School Illustration