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Week 5


This week we are going to be reading the story ‘Once There Were Giants’. This is a story about a baby who once thought everyone around her was a giant – until she grew up and became one too! 


After listening to the story have a think about what babies, toddlers and children can do. How does the story link to your own experiences of growing up? 





Once There were Giants

By Martin Waddell Illustrated by Penny Dale Published by Walker Books



This week we are thinking about how we change as we grow. We will be ordering pictures of ourselves and thinking about what we could do as a baby and what we can do now.


Can you think about what you might be able to do when you are older? Could you draw a picture of what you might look like?


See if you can talk/write about your own photos using the past, present and future tenses:


When I was a baby I could suck milk.


When I was a toddler I learnt to walk.


I can now hold a pencil and write my name.


I will be able to drive a car.



This week we are learning about adding. We will listen to story problems involving two groups of items.


Can you push two groups of objects together and count them to find the total? Which of your toys could you use to make your own story problem?


If you wanted to challenge yourself further, perhaps you could record your number story e.g. by writing numerals, symbols or by drawing pictures!



In phonics this week, we will be focusing on the following sounds: 

l, ll, f, ff, ss



Have a look at these links to practise the following sounds: 


f and ff:


l and ll:





Best of luck!

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