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Diary Entry:

Every week we would like you to write a diary entry in your exercise book we gave you about something you have done at home. We look forward to reading them when you are back at school.

You could ask your grown up to photograph your writing and put it on the blog or send it to us via email so we can see what you are doing. The teachers will be sharing with you on the blog what they are up to as well.



Can't you sleep little Bear?

Written by Martin Waddell and Illustrated by Barbara Firth


Have a look at the story, 'Can't you sleep little Bear?', written by Martin Waddell on the Personal, Social and Emotional Page (Link is below).

It is important that you listen to the story and think about what it is about in order to complete your writing challenge later in the week.


Writing Challenge:


Now you have watched and discussed the story of, 'Can't you sleep Little Bear?', it is time for you to think about someone special in your life.


In the story Big Bear cares a lot for Little Bear and it is clear that he loves him very much. He looks after him, tucks him up in bed and helps him to not be afraid of the dark. I bet Big Bear is someone very special to Little Bear.


Your task this week is to draw a picture of someone who is special to you and to write underneath who they are and why they are so special to you. 


Here is Miss Campbell's drawing below and her explanation of why her Mummy is so special to her.


Skills to learn:


This week we would also like you to practice a few skills to help you in your Phonics and Writing.

To start with we would like you to have a go at exploring capital letters. Do you know what they look like? Could you match them to the correct lower case letter?

Have a go at some of the activities below. Will you try cutting out the letters to stick on your bricks to find a pair or will you have a go at making your own letter match jigsaw? How exciting!

Our next skill to explore and develop is our Reading Comprehension.

Reading Comprehension is the ability to read text, process it and understand its meaning. For Year R children this is encouraging them to demonstrate their understanding about what they have read. This will help them meet the Early Learning Goal; 'They demonstrate understanding when talking with others about what they have read'.

You can do this by spending time asking questions about your child's book before, during and after reading. You may ask:

What do you think the book is about?  Why do you think that?(Before)

What do you think might happen next? (During)

What has happened so far? (During)

Who did ....? (During)

What was that story about? (After)

What did you like about the story? (After)

What was your favourite part? (After)


You may want to have a go at some of the activities below:



Remember to read at least 3 times a week.


I hope you are all enjoying reading different poems.

Chato from Owls Class has sent us a picture of one of his favourite poems for us to enjoy. Maybe you could share with us your favourite and we can add it to the website for us all to read.



Don't forget to also be practising your tricky words.

Have you tried the tricky word activity that was put up in Week 5?

What about the Reading Yes/No game from Week 4?


If so maybe you would like to have a go at the new activity below. Let us know what you think!


Indoor Tricky Word activities

Here are 5 super simple and super fun activities that you play at home to practise tricky word recognition. Tricky words are words that you can not use your ...



Use the Phonics sheets we sent home or the PowerPoint below to practice saying all the Phase 2 and Phase 3 sounds we have learnt in school. Have you beaten your total correct from last week?


To help decide which phonic activities are appropriate for your child ask them whose phonics group they are in.

If they are with Miss Turner, Mrs Atkinson or Miss Campbell then they need to select Phase 3 activities.

If they are with Mrs Wombell, Mrs Anderson or Miss Meek then they need to select Phase 2 activities.

I hope this helps smiley



Phonics Kahoot! Quiz:


Have a go at completing this weeks Phonics Quiz. How many will you get correct? Will you beat your friends score?

Type Kahoot in to google and enter the code below to play.


Phonic Worksheets:


Phase 3 Game - Go Fishing (Resources and Instructions in zip):

School Illustration