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The Gingerbread Man needs your help!

The Gingerbread Man has got to the river and he needs to get across. Fox has offered to take him but he doesn't trust Fox not to eat him!


Can you design a vehicle to help the Gingerbread Man travel across the river.


You will need to think about what you have learnt so far about different materials. For the Gingerbread Man to get across safely he will need something that is made from a material that floats, is light and is waterproof.

Have a look back at your previous learning.

Is there a material you can use?

What can you design that will get him across?

Think about all the features your design will need?


Look at Miss Campbells Design below to give you an idea.

You may want to design a boat, ship, submarine etc.

Please label your design so you can remember the different parts.



Have a look at the pictures to see different types of water vehicles.

I wonder what type of boat you will you make?

Please do not make your design yet. We will talk about this on our Zoom and make the following week.


Extra Activities:


How to draw a Gingerbread Man

Can you listen carefully and follow the instructions on the video to draw your own Gingerbread Man.

Please share them with us on Tapestry. We would love to see them!

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