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Bishops Waltham Infant School

A world to discover, learning together

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Visions and Values


Our Vision

A World to Discover, Learning Together


Bishops Waltham Infant School promises a unique experience which is to be treasured and remembered. Learning is at the centre of everything we do; we believe it is the route to happiness and fulfilment, providing a journey of discovery which is limitless.



We enable our children to forge their own pathways of interest, recognise their own achievements and have their say in the development of our school.






Our surroundings promise a rich, timeless resource for our children to explore, discovering the specialness of our environment and its beauty.








Through practical, real and first hand experiences, our children will create their own perceptions of the world and their place in it.










We embrace the possibilities that our technological world offers us and use its potential to​​​​​​​ stretch our horizons and realities.











Our strong, mutual relationships with parents strengthen our family of individuals and support  our children’s personal growth.







We are forward and outward looking and we seek to make a difference.



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