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Knowledge and Understanding of the World



This week we are learning to identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water, and rock.  



Give your child a selection of different objects made from a range of materials (e.g. wood, metal, wood, rock, glass, fabric).

Explain to them that they will be exploring some different materials. Allow your child to explore the
different materials (where possible, these are raw examples e.g. a plank of wood rather than a wooden


Can they name any of the materials? Can they tell you something else made from this material?


Go through some of the names of the materials. Discuss what some of the
materials may be used for. 


Material Hunt


Go on walk around the house and garden to look for and name different materials.

You could get your child to write labels to stick on objects around the house to name them.

Alternatively you could complete the material hunt activity below. 

Material I Spy


Play material ‘I spy’ e.g. this object is made from plastic.  It can hold water.  It’s a cup.

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