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Welcome to Week 1 of our project 'Victorian Childhood'.


First we are going to start with an exciting HOOK!

Look what Mrs Ely found at the back of a cupboard!


What is it? It looks old!

What's inside?

Shall we open it and see?


Watch the films to see what happened when we opened the trunk!

The link to the Video Resource Centre is below. There are 3 short films to watch!

Scroll down until you come to Year 1 Victorian Childhood Hook

Now you are going to be

History Detectives!

So lets organise our thinking about the trunk and its contents.

This will be a live lesson!

We are going to use a bubble map. Write each of your ideas in a bubble around the trunk.

So think about these questions:-

Who did the trunk belong to? Was it a grown up or a child? How do you know?

Is the trunk new or old? How do you know?

How old do you think the trunk is?



Our learning this week is linked to History. You will find these activities on the Project page. Click the link below which will take you straight to the next activities:-

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