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Every week we would like you to write a diary entry in the exercise book we gave you, about something you do at home.  We look forward to reading them when you are back at school.

You could ask your grown up to photograph your writing and put it on the blog so we can see what you are doing. 




At school we have been talking about and writing instructions.

Can your child give you instructions to make a sandwich, how to wash your hands properly or how to cross the road safely. 


Miss Campbell has shared a book on the Video Resource Centre called, 'Plant, Sow, Make and Grow by Esther Coombs' which has some lovely activities to do both in your garden and indoors. The instructions are really simple and demonstrate fantastically how instructions should be written. The link is below:

Do you notice the bossy words they are using? What about how all the instructions are numbered and how they have used clear pictures to show you what to do? What else did you notice?

Can you have a go at following some of these instructions and sharing what you have made? Or could you use them as a guide to writing your own instructions?





Remember to read at least 3 times a week.

Click on the link below to access lots of reading books on Oxford Owl's free eBooks.



Set up a Teach Your Monster to Read account to allow children to practise their reading skills.





Use the phonic sheets we sent home to practising saying all the sounds.  How many do you know?


To help decide which phonic activities are appropriate for your child ask them whose phonic group they are in.

If they are with Miss Turner, Mrs Atkinson or Miss Campbell you need to select the phase 3 activities.

If they are with Mrs Wombell, Mrs Anderson or Miss Meek you need to select the phase 2 activities. 

Hope this helps. smiley


Play one of the games below. Read the word and find the matching picture.

Phonic worksheets

School Illustration