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Understanding the World:

Parts of a Plant


This week we are continuing to explore plants. We will be looking at the different parts of a plant and what plants need to grow. You will be able to add what you have learnt to your, 'What do you know about plants?' notes from last week.


Have a close look at a plant in your garden or one you see whilst on your walk.

Can you name the different parts of that plant?

Do you know what each part does?


Watch the PowerPoint below to find out more:


If you can, carefully uproot a plant from your garden and explore the different parts. Please talk about how we would not normally do this. If you cannot, have a look at the pictures below and discuss.








See if you can draw a picture of a plant, showing all of its parts and have a go at labelling the parts.

You may want to print the document below, cut out the parts and see if you can put together the flower instead of drawing one.


Flower Science Experiment:

Have a go at carrying out the experiment below and see what happens!

Color changing flowers and celery experiment Grace's Science Place

Grace Demonstrates how plants drink water. This is a fun, easy experiment using flowers or celery stalks and food coloring.

How do plants grow and what do they need?


Listen to the story below about a cat called Jasper who is trying to grow his beanstalk and discuss with your grown ups. There are questions on the last page of the book for you to think about.

Jasper's Beanstalk

Author: Nick Butterworth and Mick Inkpen Read by: Matthew Willsher

Consider what plants need to grow. Did Jasper think about these things when he was planting his bean?

Have a go at adding to your notes from last week all the things plants need to grow. 


If your not sure how could you find out? Maybe you might want to look in a non-fiction book, ask a friend or search online (with your grown ups help).


This link on BBC Bitesize might help:

Watch me grow!

If you can, have a go at growing a seed in a clear container or in a bag, so you can observe what happens. Let us know what you see.


Expressive Arts and Design:

Printing using our fingers


This week we would like you to explore printing with your fingers. Can you bend your fingers to create different prints?

You may want to do this with paint, printing pads or a resource you have at home.


Have a go at exploring printing with your finger in different ways.

Look at some of the pictures below for some ideas.






What different prints did you make?


Can you make a picture using the different finger printing methods you have explored?



Please share with us your prints on Tapestry


Picture Snap Shot Challenge!  

Don't forget over the next couple of weeks we would like you to have a go at taking a picture of a bud in your garden so you can monitor what happens. Let us know what you notice. Make sure it is the same bud you are taken a picture of each day.

TIP: To make sure it is the same one you may want to tie a ribbon around the stem.

Create your own Garden: Home Learning

Have you started making your Garden?

Have a look at some of the gardens below made last year for some more ideas.












For more information about your 'Home Learning' see the link below to last weeks Project page:

School Illustration