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The power of our curriculum lies in its integration. Learning crosses boundaries between subjects. For a young child, learning is not compartmentalised. Our writing and reading are used in history to help us understand at a deeper level, the event we are learning about, and our art work helps us to observe more closely, the historical detail of the period. Whilst we plan in subjects, maintaining the rigour and integrity of the subject, we connect learning so that learning in one domain is supported by learning in another.


A unit of integrated learning is called a project. Each project has three subjects which are developed within it, but it is led by one of the subjects. We will refer to a history-led (or science-led or geography-led) project for example, and this is our vehicle for giving special time to the rigorous learning of history. All projects have English (reading and writing) as a central driven.


Each project is carefully planned and assessed enabling learners to deepen their understanding or their reinforce learning. When children are learning through a science led project, they are scientists. They will learn scientific vocabulary and learn to write scientifically, for example instructions in an experiment. Children are excited by the nature of being a geographer or a historian. The curriculum is inclusive for those children who have yet to master the mechanics of writing and we are always delighted seeing their enthusiasm for learning growing through the projects.

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