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Watercolour paintings of Mount Ruapehu

This week we will be learning how to create our own watercolour paintings of one of New Zealand's volcanos - Mount Ruapehu. 

Here are some artists' watercolour paintings of Mount Ruapehu. Which is your favourite? Why?

Activity 1

Colour Mixing

We know you may not have watercolour paints at home, but you can use any paint to create your volcanos. you can water down your paints to get the same effect.

Can you try colour mixing? How many different colours can you make? Think about the colours you may use for your volcano painting - which colours do you need to be able to make? Have a practise.

Activity 2

To create your wash. 

watercolour wash refers to a layer of colour that is almost seethrough applied with watered-down paint. Normally, washes are applied under a large area of a painting to help create backgrounds or build layers of colour.

How to create your wash for your watercolour painting

Mrs Moth's Wash

Here's some examples of a wash. Think about which colour background will work best with your volcano.

Activity 3

Lightly sketch your volcano. 

Once your wash has dried, carefully and lightly sketch your volcano landscape on top of your wash. Remember, don't press too hard or it will show through your paint. Also, if you make a mistake it will be hard to rub out, so press lightly. 

Think about not just the shape of the volcano, but the surrounding land. Will you include hills? Trees? clouds? Have a look at the art work above for some inspiration!


Activity 4

Painting your volcano

Now you have the basic shape for your volcano landscape, use your colour mixing skills to carefully paint the rest of your volcano - you can paint it over the top of your wash. 

Once you have finished, don't forget to share your paintings with us!n We would love to see them. 


Have fun!

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