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This week we are museum curators. Museum Curators look after the museum and all the artefacts. 


Activity 1

Curators an you pass a test to show you can identify Victorian artefacts correctly and give a reason for your decision using the word 'because'.


'Because' is a joining word or connective.

It joins 2 sentences together.

The first sentence is a statement such as


I ate an apple

I slipped up


The second sentence explains why or how, so it will look like this;-


I ate an apple because it is good for you.

I slipped up because it was icy.


Let's look at this artefact.


We could write -  The kettle is Victorian because it does not have a plug.

                    The doll is not Victorian because it is made of plastic.

Now can you write a sentence with 'because' for these artefacts.

Will you pass the curator test?


Activity 2

When visitors come to your museum they want to find out about the artefacts.

So you are going to create an information card for an artefact.

Chose one of the artefacts from the pictures below:-

Now complete this information card for your chosen artefact like this:-



In your description think about :-

  • What the artefact looks like.
  • What it is made from.
  • What it was used for.


Can you think of an interesting fact about your artefact?

For example for the tin bath you might say

Did you know Victorian people only bathed once a week.




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