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Week 1



The children came into school and found a mysterious cauldron and hat with a letter asking them for their help.


I wonder who could have left us this letter? Do you know of any story characters it could be?



This week we will be focusing on rhyme. Rhyme means words that sound the same or similar in their endings.


After reading our letter we will be thinking of words to rhyme with hat. How many can you think of?

The children can become 'rhyming detectives,' spotting words that rhyme and picking out ones that don't.


This week in phonics we will be learning the sounds qu, ch and sh.

Click on the PowerPoint below to recap previous sounds learnt  - how many do you know?  

Phonics Game


Pop a plastic bottle on the floor and choose 6 sounds to put around the bottle. Spin the bottle. What sound has it landed on? Go and find an object in the house or garden starting with the sound?




Remember to read and practise your words at least 3 times a week. Click on the link to see some fun ways to practise your words at home.




This week we will be finding different ways of seeing things when it is dark. 

Talk to your child about where the light comes from in your house.

Turn out the lights. Is it still light? Why?


We want the children to know

  • The sun is the main source of natural light. Other natural sources of light include other stars.
  • Sources of light include: fires, candles, electrical lights and battery powered sources. 
  • The moon is not a light source - it reflects light from the sun.

Room on a Broom Dance


Click on the link below and listen carefully to the instructions to create a dance linked to our story of the week Room on a Broom.

School Illustration