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You can continue to learn and practise speaking 'French with Mrs Hewitt.'

There are video clips of all your favourite activities and songs and some new ones!

Join in with Mrs Hewitt.

Find the following video clips on the Video Resource page. Click on the link below!


  • Number Rockets
  • Number Rhymes
  • Parts of the Body
  • Walk like...
  • Actions
  • An Introduction to feelings
  • Je m'appelle... (my name is)
  • Toc, Toc, Toc.
  • Introduction to animals
  • Frappe les mains (Clap your hands)
  • Ping Pong numbers
  • Je Peux Sauter
  • Goodbye
  • Please and Thank you
  • Action Word Cards
  • Action Song
  • Animals recap plus more
  • Animal noises games


Have fun!


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