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This week we would like you to explore capacity.

Capacity is the amount something can hold. There are many key words we use when we are talking about capacity such as full, empty, half full, less, more... Can you think of any others?

There are a lot of ways you can practise this at home and use the key language.

Here are some ideas. You don't need to do all of them just pick the ones you would like to do.

Cartoon for Kids!!️ Finding capacity. Maths for Children

Hey kids, did you know about Finding capacity? Well, after watching this video, you'd know! So, don't just wait, join Cartoons time in this video to know mor...


Have a look at the problems below and discuss what you think. Share with us what your opinion is.

Will the Wizards Challenge!


Are you up for a challenge? Will the Wizard has different problems for you to solve. See how many you can get correct!


Capacity Kahoot! Quiz:


Test your Capacity knowledge with Miss Campbell's Quiz. How many will you get right? Can you beat your friends score?

Type in Kahoot in to google and enter the code below to play.


Sum Dog Challenge:


Have a go at this weeks Sum Dog challenge. See if you can get them all correct. Good Luck smiley


Worksheets linked to Capacity


Some parents have requested worksheet activities so here are some linked to capacity. We try to make learning as hands on as possible for Year R children so please don't feel you have to complete all of these.  We also understand some of you may not have printers.

Capacity can be a tricky concept so please try to talk through the worksheets with your child before and after them completing them. They may need the opportunity to explore their answers at a later time to see if they are correct. 

Number of the Day 16

It's all about the number 16! Where is it on a number track? What is the same as 16? What numbers are more and fewer? What about pairs of numbers that add up...

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