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We are practising our place value skills still. 

Click here -> Topmarks  and you will find this page.



On the purple row, click the first box - Place Value T | U.


Can you make the different numbers by clicking on the 10s and 1s? Check your answer by pressing "Check" at the end. Good luck!


If you would like a further challenge, have a go at this...


Have a go adding ten to these numbers. 



If you want a challenge, have a go at these!


Here are some different challenges for all of the place value learning we have been doing over the last week or 2. You can do 1 or 2, or as many of them as you like!


(For more practise in place value, see yesterday's and last Thursday's learning pages.)



For a challenge - Can you make your own problem like the ones above?


Here is Mrs Moth's challenge: 


Otty the Otter thinks there are 5 odd numbers that are smaller than the number 11. Is he correct?



Good luck everyone!

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