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This week we are looking at longer words with clusters of consonants. Can you read these words and the Ninja story below?

Can you read these words solve the questions below?

Finally, if you would like a challenge, download the document below and see how many of the questions you can answer about the story. Good luck!

Week 3

Try and read these Alien words!

Remember to look for the long sounds with 2 or 3 letter strings - digraphs and trigraphs!

Now using the sounds at the bottom of the page make up some names for the Aliens.

Use 2/3 sounds for each Alien. The read them to a grown up. You could colour your aliens and make them really colourful!

These words are all split 'e' sounds.

a-e make a cake

i-e nice smile

o-e phone home

u-e huge brute


Remember the rhyme:-

When 2 vowels go walking

the first one does the talking

and says its name!


The vowels are a e i o u

Week 4

This week we are practising reading and spelling words with trickier sounds.

First, let's practise finding the sounds in each word using dots and dashes, like the example below. Then sound the words out and read them to a grown up.

Here are some more activities to try!

Week 5

We are continuing to read and spell words with all the sounds we have learnt.

Can you find and match the sounds in these Grace Draling words?

Read the sounds and finish the words.

ICT games ( google search) has lots of fun phonic games to play.

One of our favourites is Blending Bingo.

The link is below. Find the Bingo card which matches the game you have chosen. You can print it out or make your own.

A game for the whole family!

Week 6

This week we are learning how to read and spell compound words.

Compound words are made by joining two short words together like this:-

butter + fly  = butterfly

lady + bird = ladybird

cup + cake = cupcake

It makes it much easier to spell these long words!

Look out for them when you are reading. How many can you spot?


Try these sheets.

For extra phonic practise try BBC Bitesize Phonics Phase 3

Week 7

This week we are continuing to practise recognising, blending and reading words with long and short sounds.

Below are different wordsearches. So read the words and find them in the wordsearch.

There are is even one you can make yourself.

Finally here are 2 phonic games.

You will need a dice and counters.

Play them just like snakes and ladders. Up the rockets and down the comets and parachutes.

Have fun and don't forget to read the word you land on!

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