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Don't forget to try one or two of the warm ups from the link below!

Activity 1

Can you sing the song and follow the actions? Once you're confident, can you make up a new verse or two with actions?

For example, 'A sailor went to nod, nod, nod' or 'A sailor went to stamp, stamp, stamp'


Now can you fit that new verse with the other actions from the song? 

Can you teach the song and your verse to somebody else? ​​​​​​​

A Sailor Went to Sea | Kids Action Song

Activity 2

Listening to Portsmouth, follow the rhythm whilst clapping. When you confident, can you use an instrument instead? You could choose a few different instruments and decide how they could be used with the rhythm. If you don't have an instrument, use your body instead! You could clap, stamp, pat your knees, use your voice, there are all sorts of things you can do to make your body your instrument!






3 This sequence is slightly more challenging. 


4 Heres the last challenge. Good luck!


Remember, if you feel confident about performing the sequence in time with the music, you can swap the actions for different instruments. Can you swap between instruments in time and keep time with the music? 


Activity 3

Now you've practised following my actions, can you write your own to follow? Perhaps you could try them out on somebody at home or a friend. 

Start with just 1 set of actions to fit to the music, then make it increasingly more difficult by changing the actions until you have 4 sets like this!

 Good luck!








Activity 4

Do you know the National Anthem? Do you know when we sing the anthem and why we have one?


The National Anthem of the UK represents the tradition, history and beliefs of our nation and its people. People sing it to show a feeling of belonging to their country and to celebrate the monarchy (the King or Queen at the time).  

Did you know, until about 50 years ago, the national anthem would be played at the cinema at the end of a film? Everyone had to stand and sing it before they left! 


As we are learning about English history during this project, it's important that we think about our British Values. We are going to learn the National Anthem during our music lessons. 


Watch the video below to see some of the events when we might sing the National Anthem, and start to sing along with the lyrics. 

When we might sing the National Anthem

God save our gracious queen

Long live our noble Queen

God save the Queen

Send her victorious,

Happy and glorious

Long to reign over us, 

God save the Queen

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