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Week 2



This week in literacy we are going to be reading poems about Autumn and then writing our own. 


If you are able to go for a walk and collect some Autumn objects e.g. pine cone, acorn, conker. Alternatively think of some things you see during the Autumn. You could look at some pictures on the Internet. 


Think of some words to describe the object. What colour are they? How do they feel to touch? What sound do they make?

Next use these words to write your Autumn Poem. 

Each verse has a simple structure, with repeated lines. Every child will write a verse to create a group poem. Have a look at the poem the Year R teachers wrote together to give you some ideas. 


Use the format below to help you write your verse for a group poem.


Remember to send it to us. 



Remember to read and practise your words. Click on the link to see some fun ways to practise your words at home.

Autumn Poems to read together


This week in phonics we will be recapping the sounds we have learnt so far! Click on the PowerPoint below  - how many do you know?  

Phonics Game


Pop a plastic bottle on the floor and choose 6 sounds to put around the bottle. Spin the bottle. What sound has it landed on? Go and find an object in the house or garden starting with the sound?




This week in maths we will be learning to find 1 more than a given number. We will look at the link between counting forward and the '1 more' pattern. We will be solving harvest questions, such as:


 'The farmer has 2 pumpkins and he harvested 1 more. How many does he have now?'.






At school this week we will be creating our own Leaf Man story book! Last week we were authors and wrote a new story for where Leaf Man will go to on his next adventure. This week we will be illustrators and create a scene using autumnal objects to create a picture to go with our story.


Here is Miss Campbell's picture. Can you guess where her story is set?



Remember to send your pictures to the Year R  email 



This week we will be talking about Harvest and attending our virtual Harvest festival. Use the resources below to talk to your child about what happens during harvest and why it is celebrated.  

CBeebies: Harvest Time With Down On The Farm

Watch this clip from Down On The Farm and learn about harvest time

School Illustration