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Week 2

Drawing Houses and Streets

This week we are going to create some house and street pictures.

We are going to draw or paint a terrace of houses.

A terrace is a street of houses all joined together like this:-


First let's practise drawing houses. You can copy some of these or use your own ideas.

Now we are going to create a terrace of houses or a street.

Create a background first with a wash or coloured pencils. Make a road at the bottom of your sheet.

Next on another sheet of paper draw or paint your houses. You can draw them separately or in a terrace.

Make them colourful and each one different.

When you have finished them you could outline all the details with a black pen.

Now cut them out and stick them along your road to create your street or terrace.

There are some ideas underneath.


I am looking forward to seeing your art work

Week 3

Creating Hot Air Balloons

In geography we have been learning about a bridseye view and aerial maps.

One of the ways you can get an aerial view for yourself is from a hot air balloon!

This week design a hot air balloon (there is a template).

Make it as colourful and bright as you can. There are some ideas for you to use as inspiration!

You could use:-

  • coloured pencils
  • felt tips
  • paint
  • pastels
  • collage.

When you have created your balloon cut it out carefully.

Now use one of the maps below or find a map or atlas at home and fly your balloon over it.

What can you see below you?

Can you spot roads, rivers, houses, towns, green spaces, forests?

Have fun!


Week 4

This week is all about The Rainbow Fish. You are going to learn how to paint water and create a collage.

First read about David Hockney and how paints water.

Now follow Mrs Barnaby's powerpoint to create a Rainbow Fish collage.
We are looking forward to seeing your collages. Don't forget to send a photo for the website!

Week 5

Before you start your art this week make sure you have visited the Literacy page and watched the Powerpoint about Grace Darling and then the History Detective activity on the History page.

Now you are ready to watch Mrs Barnaby's Art lesson!

We are excited to see your pictures. Don't forget to send them in for the website!


There are films to watch to help you at the end of the powerpoint!

Have fun!

Rough Sea

Watercolor tutorial "choppy water", rough sea with sailboat.

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Stormy night-digital painting

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Learn to Draw a Lighthouse | Easy Drawings for Beginners

Week 6

Welcome back everyone. This weeks art is beach themed with a powerpoint from Mrs Barnaby all about beach huts!

We are looking forward to seeing your pictures!

How to draw a Beach Hut Real Easy

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Week 7

The first painting you did in Year 1 was a portrait of yourself.

Follow Mrs Barnaby's presentation to find out more about portraits and how to create them.

There are lots of different ways!

There is also a video to watch and draw along with.

Have fun and send us your portraits for the Web site.


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